Its a lovely day out! Yesterday was hot, and humid and quite miserable (as we are trying hard not to turn the a/c in just yet!)
But today the weather reports say its only supposed to be 72 with a chance of thunderstorms, and as of right now, I have a window open near me so I can feel the cool fragrant desert breeze.
I have to be out today! Its a good thing that Buggie seems totally better now, so we can go out and I won't feel bad for dragging her little sick self all over the place.
Its just one of those days that makes me feel HAPPY! Cloudy and cool, probably the last one before summer hits... So I totally need to enjoy it!


tif-do said...

Those pictures are beautiful. And is it my imagination or does Bug resemble her momma in the eyes.

purplelurple said...

The girls are such cuties.

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