I remember now why I don't like sewing! Its the kids! I love picking out the fabric, and making it in my mind. If I had some time alone to do it, I would totally love to do it. Instead I get frustrated and the kids start fussing. Buggie was crying and wanted to be held, Rhayn wants to help. So I get upset. More upset than anything else makes me.

But then I look at my finished piece, and I feel crafty! Here is the onbuhimo that I made today. I made the straps REALLY short, because I can't stand having them hanging off of me all day, like tails (my ABC is like that.)

The top part filps over so you get to see both types of fabric. Its also a sleeping hood, but i don't know how that works (I looked at a friend's before attempting to sew my own!)


dacheese said...

that is pretty!

purplelurple said...

that is so cool looking wish i had stuff like that when i had the girls the little bugers would make my arms tired. You are very crafty and kids always know when u are trying to get something done so that is when they cry. But it really looks awesome.

Mid-life Midwife said...

that is a great design. i had an ABC with #2, but he was big and hurt my back after a while. i really like the ring design, so much better than tying it.
the straps dug into me after a while. that just looks so much better. good job, mama!

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