CD Beginnings

Thanks to TLC, I have a whole stash of cloth diapers to try out.

I wasn't quite feeling up to using them while we slept last night, and we have a ton of disposables left, but her first diaper of the day was cloth, and so far it is going well. Changing is a bit harder, as I am not used to it. We also haven't had a poopy diaper yet. So that is one trial I am waiting.

The other day Rhayn was in the bathroom with her cat, Floh. She does this now and again, usually there is a brush involved and Floh loves to be brushed, so its nice. I didn't worry about it at all.

Later on, like the next day I noticed that Floh was acting strangely. I mean, she is a slinky cat, and she is also lovingly refered to as "Freaked-out Floh" by Will, but she was acting even more strange. So I looked at her, and noticed that her whiskers were all cut off. Rhayn had given her poor cat a fur cut. The fur on the top of her head was trimmed, her whiskers cut, the poor cat was off balance, no wonder she was acting weird!

Rhayn and I talked about it, and she says she'll never do it again. I guess its one of those rights of passage, she didn't cut her own hair, (like some kids do) she cut the pet's hair, like I did. I routinely trimmed the tip of my cat's tail, so that it had a flat end. I did it to our dogs as well. I am sure I trimmed whiskers while I was at it, too.

I am sure our cat will be fine, and it will all grow out. Poor kitty....

*******as soon as I posted this, Bug pooped, and it was quite a bit, no poopsplosion!Yeah, it was all in the diaper. So that is one good thing, it contained the poop and changing it wasn't too hard.


tif-do said...

I think she did a nice job trimming up those whiskers. I used to do that too, I was told once that it throws the cats equalibrium off so they will run into things with their whiskers cut, so I did it out of pure meanness. Of course I was quite a bit older than Rhayn when I did it though.

TLC said...

The covers did fit those massive thighs! Good to hear the poop was contained in the diaper! Let me know if you have any questions! I enjoyed CD - kinda felt like I was slowing things down even more and enjoying every single moment - the good the bad and the ugly. From slinging him around to marathon nursing, it was always a pleasure having him so close. Glad that he's weaned and sleeping through the night but that came at the perfect time for him and I and it was done so peacefully that it makes it even more special.

leaner said...

Thanks tlc, I am trying to slow it all down too. To connect with the mother in me, and the baby that she will only be for a short while. Every moment that it takes me to be with her, and all makes me feel more connected to her.
Its the strength of that bond, that has been building since I found out I was pregnant with her.

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