Busy Fast Paced day!

I have a huge day in front of me! I have to get dressed and really don't have time to be posting on here.

First Will is meeting with an attorney about trademarks. He has a website called LeapDesk. Its a decent website, and we use it all of the time. (it has a to do list, or task list, then Will and I can assign eachother tasks we need done.)

Then we have to meet him at the auto repair shop, apparently our neon needs its engine mounts replaced, Will said its like driving a vibrator to work.

Then I have to drive him to work.

After that Rhayn has a speech evaluation in downtown Phoenix.

And to top it all off we have to drive BACK to Will's work to pick him up!

Ah... long day of driving....

Yesterday I made 2 more ABCs. I felt inspired, to make the first one, and then Rhayn asked me to make one for Squish Baby. Which I did (it took about 20 minutes.) The ABC with Strawberry Shortcake is for dacheese, but I am going to use it today to test it... I made some changes to the design I used for mine, like making the body narrower (as Madder is a skinny minny) and padding the top head rest (for baby comfort.) I also padded the waist belt. So we'll see if those changes are more comfy. They should be. Plus, its a girly looking ABC, what with the pink fabric.

Apparently I can't post pictures right now, and since I need to get started on my day... I will have to try again later this evening!
*added the pictures, and mom, it does too say that its the engine mounts... not the engine. Geesh you can't even read. (wink)


dacheese said...

YAY! I have the best siser ever! You are the best!

leaner said...

I think I need to make the shoulder straps thicker. They hurt me, and it was fairly uncomfortable, so I will have to adjust them, or we can still make one for you. I think though that learning to sew- you should start w/ the straight lines of a ring sling (and I have the fabric for your solarveil one, whenever you come visit me!)

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