Whew, glad its over.

Its Sunday, and that means that last week is over. It was one of those weeks that are so full you hardly have time to breathe.

We had a small birthday party for Rhayn. I invited a few people, but since we don't have any friends with kids, it was a family party. Rhayn did say it was a fun party, but I still feel badly because she didn't have any kids to play with (well Collin was there.)

It was a "garden-y" birthday party. She received a gardening kit from me, and a pot of succulents from Grandma and Grandpa. Hairball gave her a pretty dress and some seeds, too. Rhayn loves planting things, so it was great! Uncle JVA gave her a pink cap gun (he had asked if it was ok before buying it for her, to make sure that it was an acceptable gift.) She really likes it, too. We told her no "shooting" it in the house, so she puts her flip flops on and heads out.

We had some delicious carne asada meat from the carneceria (I think that is the spelling- its a Mexican Meat Market) in Cooltown as well as some freshly made tortillas, yum! I made some fresh guacamole (I love it with just a little onion, tomato and garlic, and a squeeze of lime to keep it from turning totally brown. I wish I had some more right now!)

I woke up Saturday morning around 4 am, and heard a really strange noise. It was raining. After 143 days with no rain (and I can say its been longer at my house, because that is based on a rain that happened in another part of the valley on Oct 18th, we didn't have any rain here.) It continued to rain all day Saturday, and it was cold. But man am I thankful for it. There is a 10% chance of rain today, but it doesn't look promising, there is a blue blue sky and lots of fluffy white clouds, but no stormy looking ones. It is cold (in the low 50s) and I want to bundle up!

I am still sick, I think not getting any rest all week has not helped me feel better, I still feel ill and am stuffy. The breast pain is completely gone, so I think it was just a badly plugged duct. Maybe sitting there with a heating pad and massaging the breast as I fed Bug helped, I can say it sure did hurt though! I am trying to rest up today, because I have only a few days to get the house in tip top shape before my Aunt and Uncle come from Colorado, I am really looking forward to seeing them!


TLC said...

The drought in AZ made the front page on the NY times! it did make me miss the SW but at the same time I just thought how badly Slade would suffer from allergies and asthma w/ all that dust and smog if we were there.

Hope you can get some rest this week. Is your semester almost over?

leaner said...

I am sure, it was all over CNN headline news. Its funny because they showed the COOLEST picture of a saguaro with snow and then they zoomed in on it and it had an owl sitting on it. So neat!

I can imagine that this past four months would have been THE worst for Slade! I can't even fathom what it would have been like.

Semester lasts until MAY!

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