I was getting ready for bed, but could hear a cat, meowing outside our front door. I checked our cats, because once in a GREAT while, one of them has managed to escape under feet, between legs or the like, I couldn't find my cat. So I turned off the alarm, and got a large thing, to bash the intruder on the head with. (You know like in the movies.) I open the door, slowly just a little bit and in runs a brown tabby. She just makes herself at home. So I throw her back out. She sat and cried at our door for about 5 more minutes, so I let her in again and allowed her to sniff the butts of all the members of our furry household. Then when she started to look too comforatable, I tossed her out of the back door. I hope she is gone, because I like having the window open... and her crying was too much. I hope she makes it home. Because I know if I see her poor little body dead on the road, I will not be the only sad one, she was much too well fed to be a stray (plus, she let me pick her up and pet her so she wasn't feral. She also could have been a fixed male, I didn't check her, more than to see if she was a he coming to scent our house.)

Sorry bonus kitty, someone else is probably missing you, and we do NOT need a fourth cat! We've been lucky so far, you would probably pee on the carpet or something...

We had a bonus kitty, named her Rose. She would come and whap at the wondow with Beckham once in a while, but we hadn't see her in a while, so thought the worse. Rhayn and I saw her hovering about the mailboxes on Thursday, so Rose is still alive at least. I am not one to let the cat out on purpose, in fact I do almost anything in my power to keep our little fur buddies in the house.

Why is it called carpet? Tell me?! (Whoa, I SERIOUSLY need to go to bed!)

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tif-do said...

How many cats do you have? Did you get them all as kittens? Do you have problems with them peeing on things? We have one cat, and he's awesome. I wanted another cat so we went to the Shelter and picked out a grown male and a young female. They were beautiful, but from day one, they pottied all over the house. I took them back to the shelter, because I couldn't handle that. I felt bad, but the animal behavioral counselor at the Shelter said that's a behavior you rarely can change. So I'd still like another cat but I'm thinking getting a kitten would be better.

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