Furry Friends!

Since tif-do asked. I thought I would give a little background on our cats.

We have 3 cats.
"Mean Kitty" is Will's. He found her as a little kitten (she fell out of an air duct in an apartment!) She is a long haired tabby. She looks soft, and she is... if you can pet her! She is about 8 years old.

"Floh" is mine, she is the offspring of the cat I have had since I was 12. She is a light colored calico. I think she is beautiful, but my dad thinks she looks like a burn victim. WIll said she is weird looking. Her birthday is 364 days before Rhayn's. She was born on dacheese's 13th birthday I think (tell me if I am wrong on that!) Floh will be 6 this year.

"Beckham" is one Will brought home as an adult cat (on our 6 month-a-versary.) He is actually the best kitty, personality wise. He is loving and playful. We got really lucky with him! He is white with tabby colored spots (he is named after David Beckham, the HOT football player- or soccer.) Beck has no tail to speak of, its a little curly thing and he hates to have it touched! We have no idea how old he is, but we have had him 2 years and he was full grown when we got him, so at least 3.

Every cat has a little personality defect. MK is a mean cat, hence the name. Will didn't name her so she didn't have a real name until Rhayn gave her one. Well, he called her "Tck Tck" like the sound you make to call a cat. Floh is otherwise known as "Freaked Out Floh" because most people don't even know we have a 3rd cat (she hides as soon as she hears teh doorbell or a knock.) She doesn't really like Will either. He calls her "Mao" because she says Mao instead of meow. Beckham pukes on things. He gorges himself on food and then makes a mess. He is fun, and is almost always ready to play. You have to watch out though, because he will climb in any open cupboard as quick as can be. He also likes to knock things off of the counter, especially when he is mad at us.

That picture of me covered in cats is rare. They almost NEVER do that, so it was a treat! It is also from about 2 years ago.

My suggestion, if you DO get another cat (for anyone) DO NOT GET A RANGE OF CAT COLORS! We have a cat that's fur will show up on anything you wear. If you have on white, Mean kitty shows up, if you are in black, Beck or Floh show up. Its not fun.

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Alex's Human said...

I don't think it would matter if you had a completely black cat and wore only dark colored clothes. Pet fur just seems to show regardless. It's like magic!!. And nothing sheds as much as Alex, but you got to love all the furry kids!!

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