Sick again?!

Monday afternoon I started feeling ill, so I rested. Tuesday I felt worse, so I rested and in the evening noticed that my right breast felt bruised and sore, I thought "baby is teething, she has been biting," and she was a little. Wednesday, I woke up with a fever and feeling like TOTAL crap, but went to the grocery store anyway, then came home and did some work Will had asked me to do. By Wednesday evening it was obvious that my breast is infected again, its bright red on the side and hurts like I was punched in it. Merely bumping it makes me cringe.
I lay down with a heating pad, and a nursing baby, and my toes curled while I fed her. My fever was still low only 100.
Today I am feeling better, the cold seems gone, but the breast still hurts. The redness is gone, but it still feels like I was whacked there. My temperature is still slightly elevated, and I have a million things to do.

We are having a party for Rhayn Saturday, and my in laws are coming (GASP!) which means our filty house needs to be sort of clean (because they have the 2 1/2 yr old twins.) Today I have to pick up a cake for SLO's bridal shower (COSTCO! Yummy!) and go to Cooltown. I am not sure if we are staying the night (because of baby freak outs) 0r coming home (because I need to clean the house!) I also need to finish reading my chapter and write 2 essays AND do a lab involving (YUCK) beef liver. Oh well, at least the cold is gone and if I take some tylenol I will feel fine.


dacheese said...

I only got a booby infection once and it hurtsso bad I hope I do not get it again:-( Poor leaner!

Mid-life Midwife said...

oh that is not fun. TLC and i were just reminicsing about my many bouts of mastitis when i returned to my apprenticeship when eamon was 6 months. not fun. lay low for at least 24 hours so you can get over it as quickly as possible.

leaner said...

I have been laying low, and today I am feeling a lot better. Luckily my in laws just called and said they aren't coming. I also just finished my homework SO I can relax a bit more!

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