not about the hair!

I am trying not to talk about my hair, trying not to obsess about it. So I swear that I won’t talk about it again…today.

Bug has tried to crawl. She gets into this position and it seems like she could just stand up or something, but she has her other leg under her and so it doesn’t work. But it looks impressive doesn’t it? She gets up then sits back and she'll do it over and over again.

Things around here have calmed down a lot. I am read for some rest, but I have my midterm for my online class to take tomorrow and I really should be studying (instead of writing on here.)

It’s hot today. Hot and uncomfortable in my house. I think we may have to turn on the air soon, and that makes me sad. Winter is truly over, and the hot has come back.


Alex's Human said...

Such a cute, happy chunk of love!! Good luck on your mid-term...

Yep, winter is gone here too. Time for spring!! It's going to be dry and right around 60 all week!! Guess I'd better get the lawn mower ready, and try to keep on top of my yard this year..

Mid-life Midwife said...

grrr. winter is alive and well here. i can't see turning on the air for another 3 months!!
(i type this as I shiver in front of a space heater for added warmth!)

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