Makey! (part 2)

I only have a few moments before my head must hit the pillow. I just wanted to say how great it was having my Aunt and Uncle come visit. I absolutely love them, and really miss them now that they are gone. It just reminds me how badly I need to make the trip to visit them soon.

There was a march in the area of town I was in today, and it backed traffic up like you wouldn't believe! I was stuck in that area of town for hours because we headed the wrong way down a street.

I am a chicken, I can not make myself get a haircut. I figured if I could find a place that donates to locks of love, I would feel better and be able to shed this hair that is holding me back, at least I would feel like it had a purpose. I wasn't able to find a place, so the long hair remains. Does anyone know how to locate salons that do that? (Not on the LOL website, it said they no longer offer that list.) I am feeling better about it though. I like my hair, its pretty and the waves/curls are nice. I will miss it when its gone. I also think I need another inch before I can donate it, so I am going to wait untilnext month, then find a good place and have a really GOOD (maybe expensive hair cut, and maybe a scalp massage, ah that would be nice, huh?) Unless I get mad at it and chop it off myself, I remember my senior year of high school, getting mad at my hair one day, and putting it into a ponytail and chopping at it. When my mom got home from work I made her straighten the ends, and slowly over the next few months I chopped it shorter and shorter until it was at the optimal shortness. So maybe I will do that again... we'll see.

Isn't my Bug's butt huge? Look at that thing! That is some bah dunk ka dunk (or however you spell it... my babes got junk in her trunk... but I'll bet by the time she is 2 she will have a flat butt like all the women in my family.)


Mid-life Midwife said...

that is one scrumptiously gorgeous baby behind!
can you send in your hair yourself to LOL? find out how they want to receive it and mail it in yourself?
don't cut your hair yourself. you deserve and will feel so pampered (and rightly so, mama!) by having your hair properly washed and cut by someone else and then perhaps some cute colors added (tastefully, but cool)?

leaner said...

You can send the hair yourself. i will be checking that out, but I think that my long section (as its layered right now) is BARELY 10 inches (the minimum length) I think My SISTER should donate some hair while we are chopping! ;)
I will not be cutting my own hair, for sure, I totally need some pampering, for my own mama sanity! When I got Rhayn's hair cut, I was wishing for them to just brush mine, and maybe massage my scalp, ahhhh.

hairball said...

I sent my own hair. The lady at the salon braided it first (requirement) and make sure you cut the right length so they can actually use it. If it is not the right length, they sell it instead to make money to use making thier own wigs

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