There is a new member of the Phoenix Zoo, so if you haven't been in a while (and are in PHX) GO! It's a baby orangutan. They haven't named her yet. The tiny baby is only a month old, and clings to its mama as she moves about the enclosure. As we watched the mama leaned over and gave her new baby a kiss on the top of its dewy head. How perfect. We even got to see some baby orangutan nursing.
I want to know how I missed this! How did I not know that a baby had been born?
We also saw a baby vulture, but it was no where near as cute as the baby orangutan.
I tried to get a picture of baby and mama, but they all came out pretty fuzzy. Oh well better luck next time, huh?

*****I forgot we went to the Zoo with Hairball. :) Whoops, she took this picture of mi familia.

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dacheese said...

who took the pic? AWWW i want to see the babY! But i need to take a travel bug to the state capitol maybe drop itoff somewhere in the valley if you feel like using your GPS?

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