what is wrong with me?

I swear I don't get "into" TV shows. But all I can think about these days is 2 things.

Gilmore Girls (Why?! Ah- Honestly the appeal here is the relationship between mother and daughter, their witty repertoire and all the coffee!) I record this show off of ABC Family every afternoon, then watch the episode twice before the next one is recorded. Why? I just don't know.

Babylon 5. (Damn the Man! Its all Will's fault on this one, and we are getting them from Netflix but he decided to bump them lower on the list because RedDwarf season 7? come out on DVD recently so for a week I haven't gotten my B5 fix!)

It used to be That 70s Show. Which Rhayn calls "Hangin' Out" (said in a sing-song voice to match the theme song.) I would record and watch that every day.

I also can't seem to fall asleep with out watching Star Trek the Next Generation. Something about Captain Jean Luc Picard... its that sexy bald man thing! Ok, so now that I have cleared my tv viewing closet... what are some of your favorite tv shows (present or past Only 2 of those above mentioned are being made now, and I only seem to watch them in syndication! )

Look at all of those LINKS! Man, you must think I need a LIFE, huh? After a few of them, I started getting links, just to see if I could google them!


tif-do said...

I have a few television addictions don't laugh at me- I love Grays Anatomy, CSI (just the original), I also watch Everwood and One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, that's it for WB, I also enjoy the Medium. That's it for me, I guess. I could probably name more, but I want you all to believe I have a life outside of the tube.

TLC said...

This past week I've been missing sitting in front of the tube and vegging out - I don't even know what shows are on or off anymore. Not much input, I know!

leaner said...

i watched everwood when it first came out. it was good, and made me homesick for colorado (even though its filmed in Utah.) At least I am not the only GG addict! I know dacheese likes it too. these are just the silly shows i watch, i didnt write what not to wear, or the pbs shows. (and a few others I am not ready to admit to! LOL)

tlc- i wish we could rid ourselves of tv... oh well.

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