Friday, Hip Hip Hooray!

Good Morning World! I am feeling pretty great today! Other than it feels like someone sat on my chest, but I did get a better night's sleep!

Will and I have been having a hard time waking up, like a hit the snooze button 5 or more times, hard time getting up. Will has been trying to find a solution, and finally I think we have it!

He installed a light that shines DIRECTLY in his face, and is on a timer. It turns on at 7 am, and stays on for 10-15 minutes. His thinking was the reason we are having a hard time getting up, is that it is still fairly dark at 7, thus your body's natural clock isn't working. The light was installed yesterday, and this morning we all woke up easily at a little after 7. It however does not work IF you do not get up during that time, because I was wide awake while it was glaring at me, and as soon as it went out, I was ready to go back to sleep.

I have already achieved a few goals this morning. My class is ready to go, I registered, and ordered my book, Yea! I am taking Introductory Biology for Allied Health. It satisfies my Natural Science requirement (the only one I know for sure that I HAVE to take), as well as goes along with the idea that someday I might want to go into nursing. So, that is great. I am only 3 classes away from my AGS, I think. That means I could totally finish my Associates Degree this semester, if I just bust a little bit of ass here!

Rhayn was not up all night coughing, and Bug didn't keep me awake with weird breathing sounds, so maybe this cold is on its way out of our house. Rhayn's cough is still there, it just doesn't sound like a whooping cough- more of a hacking cough. Her fever finally broke last night. I am glad, because I was starting to get worried, it had been 3 days of 101 or more fever for her little body. I hope she starts feeling a lot better today.

I really want to get out of the house today, but I think its best if I keep my girls home one more day. Maybe when Will gets home, I could go out. Last Friday spoiled me, with going out with my friend. I need that more often!

I also decided to try the AdSense feature on this Blog. Will was asking me if he could put ads on my blog, and I told him about it. He said since it is through Google, its reputable, and therefore ok. I figure its not going to hurt anyone, and hey if I make a few dollars because of it- yeah for me. I don't think I could ever get to the point of dooce-age and be able to suport myself and Will from a my blog, but that would be so awesome, wouldn't it? (I always click on her links, oh yeah!)

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