The Great Smokeout!

I had great plans for dinner tonight, I was making sushi. I had everything ready to be prepared. The rice soaked for 30 minutes as it says to do, then I placed it on the stove and was cooking it. It cooks for 20 minutes then you remove it from the heat and let it sit for another 10 before you take the lid off. 10 minutes into the cooking time, I am resting on the couch, and suddenly the smoke alarm goes off.
I had forgotten to lower the heat (to low) it was still on high. I CHARRED, beyond recognition, the bottom of the rice. As smoke plumes filled the house, I rushed to remove it from the burner, and try to dissipate the smoke.

Ugh, so much for the idea, it was the last of our sushi rice. I feel like an IDIOT. (or and I.D. 10. T.)

I had also just gotten done telling Rhayn about Cur, and she was a little distraught. It has not been a good afternoon at our house.


tif-do said...

I have never in my life had sushi. Make that a goal, There are a lot of foods I have never tried that I would like to.

Pen-nut said...

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who burns dinner. I'm an expert at setting off the fire alarm with cheese crisp or garlic bread.

TLC said...

What kind of sushi do you make? I make a japanese style one w/ out any fish in it and it's something the boys have enjoyed. Been wanting to make some lately, but it's a task that I need to be totally into doing. Did you ruin your pot w/ that burnt rice? I've ruined a pan or two w/ burning the rice!

leaner said...

tif-do, if- no WHEN you go and try sushi make sure you go with someone who knows sushi! I made the mistake of trying sushi for the first time with another "first timer" and it was a bad experience, Will had eaten it many times so he made me try it again, and it was better.

pen-nut,lol thanks, its good to know that i am not the only dinner burner! i was feeling quite stupid earlier!

tlc,I never make sushi with raw fish. I like cucumber rolls, and some avocado and carrots (occasionally that imitation crab meat.)
I am pretty sure that the pan is ruined... i couldn't get the char off of the bottom. Its ok its a pan will has had FOREVER and the handle on the lid is broken anyway.

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