1 year ago

One year ago, I found out about you. One year ago, you were a hope and dream that came true.

I woke up on 13, January 2005 just like every other day, and I spent the morning trying hard not to think of the possibility. Was I pregnant? It kept running through my mind. I knew there was a test in my bathroom, but it was still 4 days until my period was actually due. I made myself wait, I waited, but around 10 am, I could not stand it anymore. I tested and found out that I was in fact pregnant.

I wrote this a few days later but never posted it.

Its been a short ride. We had only really been trying for a few months. I spotted on the weekend before my period was due, but since my cycles have been so out of whack, I took a pregnancy test a few days later. The first one was barely positive, but I wasn’t sure if I had let it sit too long. I bought an early test and set a timer. There was a faint line at 2 ½ minutes.

I called the doctor and set up an appointment for later that day. I, of course being obsessed with seeing that second line, used another test at Target later that day (right before the doctor visit.) It was also positive, but faintly.

My period wouldn’t really be due for about 4 more days. I could wait, but hey I said I was obsessed right?

The doctor had me wait so long I couldn’t hold my urine a second longer. So when they did the in office urine test it was negative. I talked them into doing blood work anyway.

The next day I got a call from the doctor who said the test was negative, but later called back and said it was positive, but very low. (My beta level was at 23.) We discussed it and decided I would come back in Monday to have another test.

I was so excited, I can still remember how great that second line was. I can't believe its has been a whole year, you have been with me a whole year and it just keeps getting better and better!


dacheese said...

The first test I took tghe line showd up within 15 seconds... I was so scared... I can not wait for next time when I will be so excited! (secretly I was excited even though I felt that it was wrong to be excited BUT I WAS!)But very scared

TLC said...

i totally remember this and just *knew* that Dr. was wrongola despite the low hcg levels. I can't believe it's been a year. So her real *birthday* just passed then! that hunka burning bug of yours is sure a cutie pie and i'm so happy she's all yours!

leaner said...

Yup- happy birthday to my snuggle buggle!

I CAN wait for you to pop out another, bri, BUT it will be more fun for you to take that test- being married and all.

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