Non-Stop Drip Drop!

We have been battling colds here for weeks. It started Christmas eve, with Will having a little of a cold, actually he spent most of the day on the couch, resting. It has continued. The tissue used is reaching insurmountable proportions.

I wrote about Bug's cold, and she seems a little sick again. She once again is fussier than normal and seems to be unhappy. She is just having a bad week. Yesterday, she kicked her little self right off the couch and onto the floor, head first. Geesh- I am a BAD mama! It took quite a lot of loving to get her all calm again, and she even had a little moment of panic before bed, when she wouldn't stop crying (We worried about concussions!) Those teeth need to come out, so maybe the drooling and chewing will stop!

Will is taking another sick day, I think these colds are really getting to him. First it was that one for Christmas (thank you to his boss!) and I am not sure it ever went away fully, before the onslaught on cold #2. (The one Bug had.) That cold brought bronchitis and a sinus infection for him. Not 1 week after feeling better, he is out on the couch again, feeling like a big pile of snot.

Luckily, I have yet to really get it, I mean I feel a little under the weather, but I can function. A few nose blowings and I am fine. So, what is different between him and me? Why does he keep getting sick, while I am only a little under the weather? Is he playing up these colds, for sympathy? Is it because he is really that much more sick than I am? Who knows, but I hope for all of our sake that he can get better soon. Poor guy, he is so miserable.

Just now, Rhayn came up to me. "Mom, I put the pee-pee diaper in the trash, and I got out a new one." Huh? What? In my computer stupor I had no idea what she was talking about. So I followed her. Bug had been napping on my bed with Rhayn watching Jungle Emperor Leo and my computer is in the room right next to them. I had heard the squeals of delight symbolizing that Bug is awake and happy, so was trying to finish this up in a hurry. Rhayn was changing Bug's diaper. She has removed her wet one, and was trying to get the new one on. So cute. I am really blessed with that Rhayn-girl, and her wanting to help. She still has boughts of jealousy, but mostly she is just happy to be the big sister.

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abeNanna said...

Although we too miss the little girl that Rhayn once was, we are loving getting to know the person she is becoming. Conversations and thoughts, her own ideas and all. Big sisters are always jealous of the baby - right Butcher Creek? anyway they are always great and no little sister would be anything without the love and support of the older siblings.

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