It Makes My Butt Dance!

Music is the start of everything. The start of rebellion, love, friendship, everything. Music has brought me much joy over the years and much pain.

As a teenager, I was trying to find my way in music. I was introduced to the Cure, Nirvana, Depeche Mode, the Ramones, and many others. I still listened to the Chipmunks (haha, yes, I did.) and was totally in love with the soundtrack from the Phantom of the Opera (someday I want to see that!) But I didn't know what music I liked best.

Then I met punk rock.

Punk Rock made me feel very happy, it made me feel like I was part of something. There was so much diversity in punk that I knew I must fit in there. I wasn't just some silly chick from Poop-town. I thought I was a punk. I was not however as cool as some punk rock kids were, and I defiantly didn't have the cool hair! (But I do have some uber-cool cousins!)

But, did I really fit in? I, unlike most of my so-called punk friends, wanted more out of life. I wanted a family, I wanted to be sober, I wanted to be happy. They all seemed to want to do drugs, drink (as in all day all night!) play in their bands and complain about "commercial rock" but get mad because they were way better than all the crap on the radio, and screw anything that walked by.

As time has gone by, I have realized that I am very much like my music collection. I am a mish mash of genres. I am not one thing or another. I am not punk and I am certainly not country. I am a little of this and a little of that, all mixed together.

Music is still important to me, Rhayn will often tell me that she likes a certain song, her favorite song of the moment is Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams. I think she has pretty good taste, because I like that song, too.

Just the other day, though we were listening to classic rock while driving in the car, and Iron Man came on- she told me that it rocked and when a song rocks you have to do this, which was followed by some pretty impressive head banging, for a 4 year old strapped in a car seat. I flipped stations and a dance-y song came on, "Mom, this song makes my butt dance!" Yes, Rhayn that song makes my butt dance, too!


hairball said...

Hee Hee!! You could sell those shirts for vintage on Ebay for some good money!!!

dacheese said...

My butt loves to dance!!!!

Alex's Human said...

Did you just say you were not as cool as some of the kids were? Hate to think what you thought of us fashion-challenged, not so uber-cool cousins.. You were so cool that your problem was you didn't know it.. Not that becoming a mom has negated your cool factor at all, by the way..

Besides, those two may have had the hair then, (and that picture is classic) but they seem to have misplaced it.. :)

leaner said...

Maybe it was all the hairspray? That is why they have mispalced their hair? Man, I never even thought about it! Good thing I didn't make my hair that big, or I might have lost it, too! (Sorry hayduke... I actually REALLY like bald men, good thing, too because Will is totally going bald. I think Patrick Stewart is quite sexy.)
alex's human, thanks for the giggle! it really made my day!

Hayduke said...

Thanks leaner, I love that picture. I have one but it doesn't include Blaine in it. That was a fun day and we even washed it out before we went out to eat with g-ma.

Sadly, I think I had more hair in two of those spikes than I now have on my entire head. I always think of that when I see white hippies with dirty giant dreads, more hair in one dirty giant dread than I have on my entire head, unfair.

I'm just glad I'm over my hat disease that didn't let me leave the house without a hat on.

TLC said...

Jack was a big fan of Iron Man at that age too. He only heard it a few times but he never forgot it. He was also a fan of The Clash - lost in the supermarket. Get this - Slade comes home from school singing "my humps, my humps, my beautiful lady lumps!" (Black Eyed Peas) The bus driver listens to the rap station and they are not supposed to, so the kids pick up all the lyrics to these songs. Have you heard of the Libertines? We ALL love them! I think they are broken up already but the lead dope head has a new band called, Baby Shambles. I too am a fan of bald heads-good thing for Clint!

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