Is your Mohawk too big

Is your Mohawk too big?

Just a few days ago, while driving around I saw a man being driven around in a MINIVAN, by an older woman. The man had his head sideways, to fit into the minivan, because his totally spiked up Mohawk was too big! Now, I was thinking, if your Mohawk is too big to sit comfortably in a vehicle, then, why not trim it a little? I mean, I know you are the height of punk rock fashion, and that getting a trim, is probably against your super anti-establishment values, but really? Is it worth hurting your neck?

Now, I want to reiterate that this was NOT a teenager, and I know that in Denver among other places, the Mohawk is still a cool hairstyle way into your 40s (because while living there, I went to see GBH, and I totally saw a few 40 year old with Mohawks bigger than would easily fit in a vehicle. These older people drove with their heads hanging out of their beat up old Eagles. They were not being driven around by their mamas in a minivan.) This however, is NOT Denver, and I can’t remember the last time I saw a Mohawk that wasn’t on a 14 year old boy at a mall.

Now, today as I drove home, my car filled with the lovely smell of curry (that I picked up for dinner.) I passed a beat up old car, and it happened to be filled with clowns. Clowns in full make-up and rainbow wigs! What? I was giggling away and almost slammed into the Papa John’s delivery guy (because he decided that a right turn only lane doesn’t mean anything in the ghetto.)

I can’t wait to see what other interesting creatures I can see- in cars!


Alex's Human said...

I see someone with a mohawk about once a week, usually on a skateboard. They must not be able to fit in their cars. Hadn't really thought about it until now.. Then again there's such a variety of people up here, nothing really shocks me.

leaner said...

You live in an obviously cooler place than I!
Yes, I am sure they only skate places because their dang mohawks are to big for their cars! (Or they are too punk rock to even own a car!?)

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