4 Months Old

Dearest Bug,

You have turned four months old. Four months have passed since that day that you entered our lives. So much has changed without us even realizing it, and so seamlessly you have made us become a family of 4.

Just the other day you discovered your feet, or what joy it is, to have feet. Your hands caress them, even though you can’t quite get them into your mouth, you try.

You also vocalize every thought and feeling. Your high pitched squeals of delight shatter glass (or at least our ear drums!) You will talk through entire TV programs, because you want everyone’s attention, how dare we watch TV, you are right there, being cute. I think you are singing, your babble sounds musical to me, and so happy.

You are such a different baby than your sister. I am still in awe over how calm you are most of the time. Yet, you want what you want- NOW.

There is this little pouty face you make right before you cry. It is so adorable that sometimes, I want to make you cry- just a little. But I never do, I really don’t even know how. (Well, I could try to tickle you! The poke poke tickle that drives your big sister into fits of laughter, only makes you upset. We only have to point a finger at Rhayn and she starts to giggle, you look at us dumbfounded. You totally get that from me, I hate being tickled- it DOES NOT TICKLE.)

I gave you a taste of butternut squash, just a tiny speck on your tongue, and you looked at me in awe. Lately you have been eyeballing food, whether I am preparing it, or eating it. You are interested, but I am not going to start feeding you any time soon. Six months, then you get to eat foods.

We went out yesterday, just you and me. I got a haircut, and you got lots of “she is so cute.” And you are, you really are just too too cute!

My Bug, My big fat baby girl. You are exactly (minus the eye color) what I wanted!

I love you.
The Milk Machine

(I really like dooce's monthly newsletters to her daughter, and so I am going to write mine in her style.)

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TLC said...

cute! Gwennie will enjoy them when she gets older. I do miss Dooce's writing - I never make it to her site anymore...too many other blogs I would much rather read ;) I did come across her acronym for SAHM and it made me laugh so hard and made me wonder how she comes up with all her material!

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