Just because EVERYONE should have hair like this at some point! Man, I wish I could remember how much hair spray was used! This was my 8th grade promotion, our colors were teal and fuscia. Lovely, huh? I'll bet you are all jealous of my super duper cool dress (*that my mom made!) and oh so cool hairdo! Man, I was the coolest (I had to post this to show that I could have big hair, too!)

I remember that night pretty clearly, I had a headache so bad (migraine? First of many) that I felt like I was going to puke, and I had to walk with my class to get a piece of paper that said I had made it through 8th grade, and was ready to move onto HIGH SCHOOL. Whew, that was tough.

In my search for higher learning I have to talk to an advisor. I went in to give her my transcript, and she said "I will look it over and get back to you in a week."
Two weeks have gone by, and I finally emailed her.

I was in your office a few weeks ago, and gave you my transcript. I am trying to find out what classes I need to take in order to achieve my Associate of General Studies. I believe you said it should take a week, and I am just checking in on progress.

Her reply?

I am in the process of evaluating several students'’ transcripts; the month of January, we are not allowed to take four hours once a week a prep time to evaluate transcripts; we have to evaluate them between incoming advisement phone calls and walk-in; at this time, I do have six students in front of you. As soon as I complete your evaluation, I will email them to you. At this time, I want to thank you for your understanding and patience.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact me.

This is irritating (and holy run on sentences, Batman!) I need to find out what classes I NEED to take to fulfill requirements. I am at that point, where there are only a few classes left for me to take.

I am not sure if I have take an oral communications class, pretty sure I haven't, but I don't want to take a it again if I have. I know I need another Natural Science class, so I am thinking of taking Introductory Biology for Allied Health. There aren't a lot of choices in classes that start soon, and I know myself; I feel driven to do this NOW, I need to do this NOW. If I wait, procrastinate if you will, I will put it off even longer.

I am grumpy today, it is probably from the lack of sleep the past few nights. I have not gotten enough sleep due to some baby kicking me and wanting to eat, and she is also stuffy so I keep waking to make sure she is ok. Then there was Coughy McHacksalot. Rhayn has reached the coughing portion of this cold and it is keeping her and me away! Her fever is still hovering around 101 but it is lower than yesterday. I don't want to medicate her too much, is that bad? She doesn't seem to be in pain, and when she has said she has a headache I have given her something quickly. I just know that fever=body fighting illness. I am watching the fever closely, and if it gets close to 103 again, well I will give her medicine then.


dacheese said...

We both had some loverly HAIR!!!

tif-do said...

You look awesome in that picture I actually have one very similiar, from an eigth grade dance, so sad!!!

Pen-nut said...

Jazz is sitting here and said that she likes your shoes. She said they are sparkley

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