Curry and Steak!

What a weekend.
That pretty much sums it up.

Saturday, I woke up, totally stir crazy. I needed to get out of the house SO badly! Will said “go to the mall.” So I packed up the babe and we were off. Rhayn stayed home with daddy because she was still sick (and most of the reason I wanted to get out of the house, I needed a break from her whining.)

I decided I was going to do it, get a hair cut, a different style. I had something in mind, and went in to one of my favorite hairdressers, Susan. She said “Oh it’s the lady with the curly hair.” As she tried to comb through the snarls and curls that look rather like a spiral perm I had once in the 80s. I had her cut layers, so that I could keep the length that I have grown accustomed to, while getting some respite from the pain of brushing through all of the curls. My top layer hits my about chin length and the bottom is still a good 4 inches below my shoulder (if straight.) I also got some bangs cut, which are a little shorter than I wanted, but its ok. Will said its looks good, because I am taking advantage of my curls, and I would totally have been a hit in the 80s! Rhayn told me its pretty and I look like “Lory” (she means Rory from Gilmore Girls, and I must admit her hairstyle this season was the inspiration for mine, and I love that Rhayn made the correlation! I was really impressed!)

After my hair cut Bug and I wandered around some stores, and I bought some clothes for her and Rhayn (matching, because pretty soon Rhayn will be out of 5T and they won’t be able to match as easily. Rhayn loves matching with her sister.) I went into Kohl’s to look at clearance sweaters for Will, and was standing by this Indian couple, and they smelled like freshly prepared curry. Mmmmm. I called Will and asked him what we should do about dinner. He mentioned curry and I headed to get some tasty Chicken Tikka Masala Curry, and Vegetable Koorma Curry. Yum! I also picked up some nasty chicken nuggets for Rhayn, because after her puke-fest of curry, she hasn’t been to up for eating it. I know that it could have been healthier, but it was a special treat, and nasty gross treat.

Sunday, we just hung out around the house. Dinner was awesome, it was steakhouse night! Will grilled a rib eye and fried some steak fries. I made some French onion soup, complete with French bread and cheese melted on the top. It was so tasty.

After I put Rhayn to bed, she kept waking up, so she ended up sleeping on our bedroom floor. It wasn’t normal waking up either. She was crying and inconsolable, she was also pouting and making her angry face in her half-awake state! She woke up a few times, and made me unable to get a good night sleep. The lack of sleep was compounded by a pain, in my back. It is like a searing burn, or was last night. Today its more of a dull ache. I have no idea what it is, except that it hurts.

I can tell already that today is not going to be a great day. I am grumpy! Totally grumpy and a little bit depressed.


tif-do said...

Man, I like the idea of Steakhouse night, yummy!!!
Hope you get through the day, without to many grumpies!!!

TLC said...

How can you be depressed w/ a new
-do? You need to post a picture of it!

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