bring a picnic!

Another morning and not sure what to do with my day yet.

Will has asked me to look for a paper in a large box of papers jammed together since the move to his new office. I am not looking forward to it, I know its going to be a frustrating journey and I should put the other papers away in our filing cabinets.

We have started so many projects and they are all still looming overhead as we try to make time to finish them. It is difficult to get through a weekly list of tasks, an idea of accomplishments that I really want to cross off. Yet today I really just want to go back to bed.

Last night was another of those slightly sleepless nights. Will said “You should work out more.” He used to be an insomniac until he started working out. Now he sleeps like the dead. This is a great idea, but when am I to fit that work out in? I can’t really do it while nursing (which is how I get on here so much.) I can’t make dinner and work out at the same time, can I? So how? How do people fit a ½ hour workout into their daily lives?

There is a breastfeeding legislation picnic at the capital today; I really want to go, to support the nursing family because We are a nursing family. It’s at 11, which gives me about 1 ½ hours to get ready. I think that it will give me a good reason to be out of the house and maybe afterwards I can call hairball and see her.

Now, personally I have never had any issues with nursing in public. No one has ever said “hey you can’t do that here,” or “cover-up” and I am not so discreet about what I am doing. She is wiggly and wants to pop off to check out the world (this is only a recent development.) She won’t have a blanket over her head, and I refuse to put on there. The only comments about it that I have gotten were complimentary or "I know how you feel."

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abeNanna said...

Two great pics of Rhayn in a row!!

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