It Is Not A Crime!

A house rep in Tucson is pushing an indecent exposure bill through in Arizona. He said that breastfeeding your baby in public IS NOT A CRIME. IT SHOULD NOT BE TREATED LIKE IT! How awesome! His speech at the picnic yesterday made me happy; he said he had read a story of a woman who had a boyfriend and a small child. The boyfriend beat this child repeatedly and eventually killed her. The mom stood by her boyfriend and even said IN COURT that her bond with her boyfriend was stronger than the bond she had with her child. WHAT? It’s sick. Mr. Rep guy said that he thinks Arizona spends way too much time and money repairing those bonds between parents and their children or at least cleaning up messes because the children aren’t bonded with their children. One way to ensure a lasting bond is nursing the child. Breastfeeding creates a stronger bond, even if its only done for a short while. The benefits are astounding. I can’t say whether or not Mr. Rep guy is a good guy or not, but his willingness to support a bill that would allow me to nurse in public without ever being asked to leave or go to the restroom, makes me think that he has a little bit of good in him.

I have never attended a rally like that, never been into politics. This subject gets me all excited. I am happy to join in the rallying cry of those who want it to seem NORMAL to put a baby to our breast. I want to be able to say that I was a part of it, a part of something that will better our community. I love that all of these women and men were there, supporting the best stuff for our children.

What an awesome thing!


hairball said...

I saw a woman breastfeeding at the zoo on monday. No coverup, sitting on a bench in front of the savanna thingy with the giraffes. I told my friend I was with that that was a great thing to see. I tried to say it loud enough for the woman to hear. Looking at the smile on her face I am sure she did. See you at the zoo tomorrow leaner

TLC said...

what is that big thing hanging off the side of you?

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