Truly Relaxing!

Yesterday I was trying to take a picture for our annual Christmas card, I had both girls all dressed up and looking cute. However Rhayn was not looking at me and she had a patch of dryish skin near her mouth. Then Bug fell asleep! In Rhayn's arms! I mean it was cute, BUT it wasn't the look I was going for.

I also decided that I needed a nap after that early morning, so we all laid on my bed with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on. I fell asleep about 10 minutes into it, and Bug was asleep by then, too. When the movie was almost over I woke up and noticed that Rhayn had also fallen asleep! She never naps, but I guess that early morning did her in, too. We woke up around 4 pm. I really felt out of it, as naps usually make me feel. I know I could have made it without, but there is something great about climbing under your down comforter and cuddling with your kids! Ah that is TRUE relaxation!

Some Rhaynnonisms-
"Breaktahs" (breakfast)
"my fur is standing up" (goosebumps/ i am cold. this one is especially funny since, well she is a hairy, hairy little girl!)
"I'm MAKEY!!!!" ("I have no clothes on! Look at me!"- usually followed by LOTS of running with arms waving about in the air.)
"Nock Nog Milk" (egg nog mixed with some milk, but can mean just egg nog)


tif-do said...

Oh I love my down comforter. Kenneth always laughed at me cause I made such a big deal out of wanting a down comforter. I finally bought one last year and he has become the comforter hog. Its the best for cold weather snuggling.

leaner said...

I never wanted one, in fact I kind of smirked when Will bought it for me, but I love the day of the year that I can get it out and get to snuggle under it! Ahhhhh.

lvh said...

I love this picture of the girls - it is absolutely priceless. Love ya, lvh

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