Bug's Thumb and Old Clothes

4 am is a very early time to wake up. There is no light from a rising sun, there is no warmth.
The sky is still a deep dark color. Yet 4 am comes, the alarm chimes, and my task of waking Will up commences. Luckily this morning he wasn't a bear or difficult to wake up. At least I don't think he was. Honestly, I hardly remember waking up. But I know Will did, because at a little after 6 am, he called, "um I forgot something. Its my beret, and its downstairs. Can you bring it to me, I am at Terminal 2" Hello? Its 6 am, and I have 2 children far away in dreamland. I was also in dreamland walking through a field with Carter (who oddly enough was dressed like the character in Zelda called Link.) So did I want to get out of bed and get myself and 2 children out of bed and into the car to drive to the airport? Ugh- NO, but did I? Yes. Luckily I did have a bit of time, in fact I had until 8. BUT It was best to get their sooner.

Last night Bug soothed herself while I had to help Will shave his head. She finally got that thumb in her mouth ALL BY HERSELF! Notice the other hand? It is on her hair, stroking her head. Yes, she loves to hold hair, and I think if she had anymore it would be even more enjoyable for her!

I would love to go back to bed and sleep for a few more hours, and maybe I will get a nap this afternoon. I need to go through our clothes and put the ones we don't wear into a bag for the VVA, they send us a pink bag to fill and then come pick it up once a month or so. I can always find stuff that we no longer need, and that doesn't fit us well, especially since I have finally gotten Will to understand that just because his brother gives him a shirt (and XXL shirt!) that if it doesn't look good on him he DOES NOT NEED TO WEAR IT JUST BECAUSE IT WAS FREE! We have been putting clothes that no longer "fit" in a garbage bag in the closet, and we have it full! The pick up date is set for tomorrow. Will was even willing to put out a 14 inch monitor, I think it might have been his original computer monitor. I think we have 5 other monitors, so its not like he really needs it! AH, I love getting rid of his stuff! (I know it is VERY difficult for him as he thinks it is all reusable and wants to make ART with his old computer parts!) I had 5 pairs of Levi's that no longer fit me. I was a size 5 pre-pregnancy, but my hips seem to have gotten a TINY bit wider and even with the fat bulging out of my old pants they don't quite button. Size 7s are way more comfortable and I want a tiny bit higher rise on them, too. (I can't do low-rise, crack hanging out, pants anymore! I really am getting old!) It makes me feel like I am helping to put out that pink bag and know that someone will get to use the item and it may really help them, since it is no longer helping me.

I want to go hiking badly. Maybe I could talk my mom and dad into a short hike this weekend (hint hint! wink wink!) I know it would be fun and Bug would be good, Rhayn would like it, too. Oh well if we don't, but it could be fun! It is a nice time of year for it!


abeNanna said...

I'm sure we can find a hike somewhere Saturday afternoon.

leaner said...

YIPPEEE!! I am a little excited, except that I do nothave any "good hiking shoes" But that is ok, it'll have to be a short one!

The only way I could get RHayn to go to bed last night was the threat of "we aren't going to Gramma's if you don't go to sleep!" She went right to bed after that! LOL

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