Caches and Smiles

We spent the weekend at my parents house. It was fun, and we got to go geocaching which is great fun! The 4 Wheel Tacos had hid one in a mesquite thicket and some were forced to leave a little of themselves in the walk. (Luckily the babes were in slings and fully protected by a grampa who sacrificed himself to the branches!)

I love being out in the desert, and I know that the place we were will someday be covered in houses, I only hope they find LOTS of Indian Ruins and are unable to build there or something. It makes me sad to think that the place we all learned to drive and spent many Thanksgiving and Christmas afternoons, will be a suburb someday. How sad growth it, and so hard for those who have lived here for decades and can't imagine it any other way. Even small things like a Walmart being built in a small town are strange. I know that there are millions of people who want to start over in a different place, but can't they move to the midwest? Or somewhere that isn't my beloved desert?

We finally were able to get a picture of the girls smiling and Madder covered her mouth, but you can see that she is smiling! Their smiles are so different, Bug turns into a giant open mouthed circle that you can't really tell is a smile and Madder has a more closed mouth smile. But both are cuteys nonetheless! Aren't they?

Will should be home today. He said early Monday morning, but as its the Army they probably had to do push ups as soon as they got back.

I have been an emotional wreck all weekend, I swear I haven't cried so much in months! (Ok so I haven't cried that much since the week after Bug was born! I was weepy then!) I went to church with my parents and I don't know why but hearing about people getting helped with money or baby clothes or just needing a helping hand made me bawl. There is a lady whose husband died, and just thinking of how hard that would be for her made the tears flow down my cheeks. Later we were trying to get my birthmark to show up and my mom started talking about that lady's husband dying again. It did make me get teary eyed (and yes made my red birthmark stand out!)


tif-do said...

I miss the winter desert. I like it here with the seasons and all, but something about being in only a long sleeved shirt in December really appeals to me right now. Even though I never thought I would I miss Grandmas big party with her scary Santas (the ones I always wanted to hide from)
It seems amazing evertime I go down there the desert is smaller and smaller due to houses. It is a very sad thing.

leaner said...

LOL we were looking at pictures of teh scary Santas and in one of them the Santa was hairball's friend Josh- he wasn't scary it was one of the only ones I KNEW who was.
I really think Gramma just wanted those pictures of us on Santa;s lap. She is camera crazy!

TLC said...

We too miss the desert so much. Last night, Slade made a comment on how beautiful the sky was and Clint said he wished there was a mountain for us to take a drive to. I don't know where we will end up but I hope there is an ocean nearby w/ sunny weather. Oceans are useless when there is no sunshine. That is the only thing that is missing in AZ and ocean!

Hayduke said...

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell - Edward Abbey

Abbey is one of my favorite authors. Coincidentally, he spent the latter part of his life living in Oracle. Sometimes I pretend that I met him at the Oracle trash compactor. He is a staunch environmentalist and hated watching AZ getting swallowed up by development. I miss the desert too much to think about it.

Someday Tammy and I will live there in a small adobe and our children will worry about us living alone in the desert at such an old age.

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