Searching for Mama Right!

I am searching for someone. I look for this person everywhere I go. There have been a few candidates, but so far the right one has eluded me.
I walk down the aisles at the grocery store, will I see them here? Will today be the day? There is someone fitting my idea, but no- there is something wrong, something strange.
I drive down the road, I read bumper stickers, I check out the driver. Where is this person!?

No, I am not looking for long lost love, no I am not looking for a new love.
I am searching for a friend. The elusive "MAMA FRIEND."

She has to be close to my age, she needs to have at least one child close to the ages of my children. I would prefer her be a married, stay at home mama, lives in the area I live in, and I really REALLY want her to breastfeed, or to have nursed (so there aren't awkward times when I am whipping it out, and so I know she has similar ideals as I do.)

Why is this person so hard to find? I mean, I see women coming close to my idea at the grocery store, but I haven't ever found one that lives close enough?

There was A, she lives on the other side of the valley and after talking to her, well we really didn't mesh. It still would have been nice to have someone to go and visit.
There is hairball- again she lives across town, she is great and I totally wish she lived closer (being cousins gives us a stronger bond!)
There is R, but she has a totally different life and although there are things we really have in common, there are other parts that would make it impossible to be total best buds.

What do I do?
I go to the birth circles, and hope to find her (they never live very close, but man there are a few women there that I would give my first-born to be best buds with!)

I feel like a teenage boy, as I look for someone to share my life with. I want to find a friend, I need to find a friend. I would love to have some couple friends to hang out with that get along with Will (another issue! He is picky also and being a lot less crunchy than I am, it is hard to find a couple, with a crunchy wife and computer geek hubby... )

Yeah, I am babbling, but today Rhayn is sick, I spent the morning cleaning curry puke off of the carpet (who knew it stained so badly!?) Now I am trying to rest, as my head is pounding and I want to take a nap, but there is laundry that I need to do.
Luckily Bug isn't sick, or doesn't seem to be. She stinks and needs a bath, but she isn't vomiting at all!

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tif-do said...

I understand where you are coming from. When we first moved here I was so lonely and in need of a friend. I found her, and am so grateful. We met at the swimming pool during swim lessons, and now she is my nieghbor and wonderful friend. Keep looking you'll find her.

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