I swore with all of my mama-ness that I would NEVER EVER EVER take naked baby pictures! Let alone post them on the internet!
I have done so many things that I swore I would never ever ever do (like give my child candy and sugar... But why deny someone something that will immediately quiet the beast!?)
So when taking these I tried REALLY hard to avoid parts that might later cause issues. (I didn't succeed, as you can see.) But hey they show butt naked babies on TLC's A Baby Story- why can't I?
How can you not want to take pictures of that skin? Its so hard not to want to just gobble her up (another thing I swore I would never say! LOL)

And then there is the backside.... Another picture of those jowls! She would gave many bloodhounds a run for their "Biggest jowls" money! Saggy baggy baby jowls, what a SWEET thing they are!

These pictures don't even show how rolly poly she is! If you are ever at a store and see the "Lots to Love" doll- well that is closer to what she looks like!


TLC said...

I've never seen those baby dolls before but they are cute in all their baby rolls! I can't believe how chunky your girl is! It's very endearing.

dacheese said...

makey makey baby! WOOHOO! I have several of madder but I just have not put any up. Mom took ones of her in the hopsicle!

leaner said...

dacheese- sooooo sorry- if you get sick. I swear its not the curry! It was Rhayn, she did it... I really really really hope Madder doesn't get it, sick babes are no fun at all.

I want to see makey pics of Madder! You need to post anyway... tell about your "fun fun fun" life! LOL

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