2 months

Today Gwen is 2 months old. This is a really fun time, for me. She is tracking- MAMA. She will look for me, and if I move from her vision she searches for me. How awesome it is! I am so important to her, it makes me feel so loved!

Recently she has been trying to get her hand in her mouth, but her other hand must be on hair. She rubs her hair, or grabs at mine. She is a hair holding baby, like Rhayn was, like her cousins on daddy's side.

You know those noises "movie-babies" make? Well I hear them all of the time, Gwen sounds like that! The coos, gurgles, ah-goos, everything, it sounds so fake! She talks to us, when she is awake, chatting away. I will bet she starts talking earlier than Rhayn did (not too hard as Rhayn was nearly 2 when she started talking!)
The only things that doesn't sound "movie-baby-like" is her cry. Its a whimper and a tiny little "ah-WAH" noise. There really isn't much to it. In the movies the babies always scream and its piercing, more like Madder's cry!

Lately I have been calling her "bug" it fits, I love her name, but Gwendolyn is a lot of name fro such a tiny little bug! I know she will love her name later in life, but for now, its just too much. I try not to call her "baby" but sometimes you can't help it. So "Bug" is her nickname for now.
I just looked down at her and she is wiggling and waggling in her Boppy. She still isn't trying to roll over, just trying to wiggle. She seems so content to lay there and look around. I would rather be holding her nearly all of the time.

2 months have gone by, I can hardly believe it!

We got our tree up, Rhayn hung up nearly all of the ornaments herself (which meant I later moved them all from the 2 foot area she felt they needed to go in. She really liked helping!) I didn't even use 1/2 of the ornaments that we have accumulated, thanks to a wonderful Gramma who was getting rid of things. It has made our tree look less bare and we didn't have to buy a lot of crappy ornaments. I think I am finally feeling like Christmas.
We bought some egg nog, to help make us feel more festive. Rhayn calls it "nock nog milk." She wants to drink it all.

Today we have a dentist appointment, Rhayn and I. Its our 6 month check up and cleaning. I love the dentist! Not sure why, but I always have! It seems Rhayn enjoys it, too. She said she can not wait for the dentist to "tickle her teeth."

After the dentist we are off to search for a garmet bag. Will is leaving for Hawaii for 5 days and needs to take his class Bs. So he needs them to stay all nice and pressed, and not get wrinkled and bunched up. I am not looking forward to him leaving, but am going to get to hang out with my lovely family and an old friend (hopefully! We keep making plans to get together and then something happens to her!) Well I should get ready for the dentist, they called last night and asked if we could come in at 10:30 instead of 2:30. I didn't have any other plans for the day, except some shopping so it works out better for us.
Clean teeth here we come! Yeah!


dacheese said...

yeah Rhaynnon helping! What a good little girl!

TLC said...

AAHH - 2 months! That sweet age. All the boys have had these "low" cries - they were high pitched. I never thought anything of it until someone brought it to my attention and then I did notice other babe's cries.

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