Whats with the weather?

We had a fast visit with Aunt Lynda. It was over all too soon. I didn't really get to talk to her, but that is ok. I would have liked to spend hours talking, but none of us really has that time. It makes me sad. This whole weekend is over all too quickly.

Gwen is being fussy (yes. she is even CRYING) and wants to be held. I would love to have all of those arms right now, so I could type a little more.

It was good to see family I don't see often, like Hairball's brothers and their families. I live so close, but am always in a hurry when we visit.

Gramma's house is deocrated for Christmas, the lights are up and it was BEE-YOU-TEA-FUL! We are putting the tree up tomorrow, and I am looking forward to it. Maybe then I can get into the holiday spirit, because its too hot for me to feel like it now. If you can't wear that bright red sweater, its not the Christmas season yet!!! We are still way above normal temps... I wish it would cool WAY off, and maybe some rain would be nice! I think it is finally getting a little cooler, but I thought that a few weeks ago and then it was in the 80s again.

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abeNanna said...

So now that it is barely in the 50's at noon you should be happy. We actually had to turn on the heater at the house - less than 25 this am. But will it last? Talked to Garrett and started to say something about the weather and he thought I was going to tell him how warm it was. He was glad to hear that we aren't all toasty warm, then he looked at the news and saw the cold front in CA moving towards them. Wonder if it will get here? Maybe snow on the peaks around, then we might feel more festive.

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