8 weeks! Can you believe 8 weeks ago I was sitting here having contractions getting ready for the birth of my child. I was waiting to meet her, anticipating.
Now it seems she has always been here, that there never was an us without her.
How time has flown these past eight weeks. Now there are smiles and coos, gurgles and snuggles. Wonderful tiny baby looks that are hers and hers alone. Little fingers and toes to kiss.
Ah, what a lovely time it is, I love being mother of two, and family of four. What a great change she has brought to us.


TLC said...

I'm so happy that you are enjoying your babymoon - it's so wonderful to have that glee in you. I hate watching TV or reading about moms talking about how horrible this time is for them. Many people have said how crazy I am for loving this moment - they would rather have the kid back when they are like 2 years old. I'm a bit the opposite - The boys "notice" Clint finally at that age, and he's able to fulfill their needs just as easily as I did. They become a bit more loving towards him and he really feels a part of them. Except for Slade - he was always Clint's since the day he was born! Probably because he wasn't BF and Clint was always so hands on with him. I hope you had a great thanksgiving!

leaner said...

Yeah, Will doesn't care much for this age, but I love it. I do NOT want to give up my baby! I like them when they are older, its fun to talk to them and they say the silliest things!
Rhayn never really was daddy's girl until about a year ago. It was when he got back from basic training. I don't know how she will be when he is deployed!

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