Fat Rolls

So there are rolls all over my sweet little baby. Which I absolutely LOVE! They are so soft, and jolly. It makes her look like those dolls I loved as a girl.

BUT there is a down side! There are nooks and crannies for shmutz to hide in! There are areas that you never think to worry about cleaning (like behind the knees!)

Yet these lovely places need to be tended to, or a smell grows! Yesterday I found the source of a smell that had been bothering me for a few days. AND I HAD BATHED HER!!! She had a bath both Monday and Tuesday, because of the smell. But somehow I missed that spot behind her left knee. I wonder if its because not having fat rolls myself, I don't normally wash that spot on myself diligently. So now, it has been cleaned and there is some powder there to keep it dry. I really hope its the last time that smell comes from my baby! I hope I can keep her more clean and fresh and stink free!


abeNanna said...

And don't forget all the little nooks and crannies around her neck. It is amazing what you can find hidden away regardless of how well you think you have bathed your child. She does resemble a cabbage patch doll, so sweet.

leaner said...

yeah, rolls in the neck those are the ones i am MOST diligent about!

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