Some pictures... for dacheese and Stacey!

This is a smile- sort of! Its the beginning of one! Sorry crappy pic, I was holding the camera out from my face and making faces at her to get this one!
Here is her pumpkin hat, I bought this in January and it is a 0-6 months, but doesn't fit her. I thought it was soo cute! oh well. I even had to fold it up a bit. She looks THRILLED to be wearing it, huh? (actually she was sleeping and I woke her up putting the hat on! LOL) I have that blanket on her boppy, which is by my computer, so she sits in it when I need to type and when she totally falls asleep, sometimes. That is why most of her pics are on it.

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TLC said...

She looks none too thrilled in that photo!

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