There is a spider that lives on our patio. Its been there for a while. I let Rhayn play out there ALONE (you know I watch her, but she is pretty much playing alone.)
Last night I took the trash out and I saw it- I saw its black body and the red hour glass on its abdomen.
SCARY! It really freaked me out. I sprayed the crap out of it with the only bug poison we have in the house (fortunately it has a black widow on the label- hopefully it kills her!)
Will told me we have a brown recluse living out there, also scary, but they don't bite unless you bother them. I am not so sure about black widows. I am afraid to let Rhayn play in our back yard now.
Guess its a good thing we are going to grayma's house for the day. Maybe we come home tomorrow and it will be DEAD!

Oh, and last night was out first daddy free night. He had army all night. I was lonely, and it sucked finding that spider (normally I am not afraid of spiders! or other creepy crawlies... but its Rhayn, my baby, who plays near her.)
Gwen wouldn't go to sleep last night until after 11, she wanted to play. Then at 6 am, she woke up because she was cold, and I held her for a while and fed her. She wouldn't go to sleep until I put her back down though. It was a long night...

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