How can you keep them little-
Reading about those big kids my wonderful cousins have has really made me appreciate this tiny one. I know she won't stay that way much longer.
It makes me not want to shower, I might miss a moment of her infancy. (I will make myself put her down in a few minutes, as I need to go to the grocery store and well I don't want to stink!)
As I was holding Gwen, her struggling to find that perfect position to snuggle into my chest and fall asleep, I just felt that swell of love.
Rhayn used to do that, too. She would wiggle until she was just so and then quickly fall into a deep sleep.
With Rhayn, I didn't really enjoy it. I didn't stop and pick her up just because I wanted to hold her. I thought she maybe needed to sleep alone. But she didn't. I needed to pick her up. I didn't. I wish I had held her more.
Now I am trying to just spend some time loving Gwen, and holding her. She whimpers I run. I know it won't last, she will learn to get her fingers in her mouth or to roll over, and she won't need me nearly as much. Its going to happen way too soon, and I need to just sit there holding Gwen while she'll let me!
You never say "I wish I had held them less", do you? Its always "I wish I held them more."


TLC said...

Yeah same here with Slade - listened to all those oldschoolers saying you would spoil a child for holding them. You could NEVER spoil a child by just holding them. Slade and Jack were still in our room up until last year. We had a "family room" instead of bed. Jack was still in our bed till the day I gave birth to Crispin and he will still get in our bed and pretend he's asleep so that he could stay with us. I don't think my boys are spoiled because of that - if anything they possess this quality that you can't label. So snuggle away with your babe and enjoy EVERY minute you have with your 2 girls.

dacheese said...

Me ans Stacey want to see a pic of Rhaynnon in her Halloween costume! NOW!!

leaner said...

sorry dacheese! we didn't DO halloween...
her hat was too big and we stayed home anyway. the pic of her on halloween w/ the orange shirt was as close as she got!
rhayn didn'teven dress up!

Anonymous said...

well then dress her up in the cap and get a picture at least:-( PaPApaPWEASE!!!!

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