Lets Talk about Poop, Baby!

This morning, after a few days of being poopless, the motherload came out. Luckily it was JUST enough to NOT explode all over me and our new and wonderful rocker/recliner. Whew! But it did get all over her as I was changing her diaper.

I have NEVER seen so much poop come out of someone so small.

Its not like I didn't know it was coming either! I felt the rumbling, and she was acting fussy. She acted like she wanted to eat but as soon as she latched on- all hell broke loose in her pants! An Explosion! WOWZA!

Having a child who is formula fed from 3 weeks and an exclusively breastfed baby are completely different diaper experiences. Seriously different. I must admit though, even knowing that breastmilk is totally usable by the baby, I was a bit worried about the couple of poopless days. Only because she went from 3 times a day to none in a day. Weird. Its like "Hey I am 1 month old now I don't have to poop everyday!"

All I can say is I had better be prepared for that to happen while I am out, I know its coming.


dacheese said...

Well, Madison did that the on halloween some how it got above her bellybotton and in it even. we were at teh doctors and she was screaming in the bathrrom like I was doing something horrible to her. I was just cleaning her belly button. It started bleeding right before we went in to see the doctor(her bellybutton) the doctors just was not a fun visit!

TLC said...

Isn't it hilarious all the poop that comes out? I have to say when I was using CD I had some awesome covers and we never had blow outs - but of course the one time I used a 'sposie that crap was everywhere! Crispin has never been "regular" he goes days and days w/out a poop and then he will have like 3 in one day. He's never in pain or anything - it's just how his plumbing works, I guess.

leaner said...

ewwww Madder is the poop bottom girl, too! YUCK! Don't you hate it how they always save their worst screaming for when you are around people? (Perfect angels at home and loud obnoxious ones at dr office!)

oh man here comes more POOP! She was grunting and moving about- and then i heard it!

I always thought cloth would not hold as well... hmm- must be better covers on the ones you use.
Lots of people I know use cloth, they all love it. Maybe I am too lazy? (As you have to wash cloth?) LOL

I think the funniest part is how much I talk about POOP! HAAHAA

dacheese said...

That is my sister for ya... We are all alike! When are you coming down to Cool-Town!? I want to go show you the house me and scott got put on the list for! We just need to save more money and I need a job:-( Anyways! At least I know I will see you Sunday!!!!!

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