Happy Halloween!

Hope you all had a fun weekend! We did.
Today Gwen had her 1 month well child check up. She is growing well, and weighed in at 10 pounds 5.6 ounces! WHOO HOO! GO mama milk! Everything is normal, and great. They only thing they talked about was "hey she was born at home, so she has been in to the doctor more than normal babies because she didn't get all of those tests they give at the hospital." They are requesting a hearing test. How do they do that with a newborn? Well I guess she really isn't a newborn anymore is she? Big 1 month old bug!

I think Gwen is the happiest baby I have ever met! She did so well on our road trip to the in-laws. Only got mad because she was hungry and that was only really once (each way.) I can not believe how lucky we are!

Now if she'll just start smiling!

(ps- thanks penn-nut for the blanket! I love Carebears!)


dacheese said...

At least one of us got a baby that is good in teh car. She was good all the way home last night, only because she was asleep because is was about midnight. We didnt have a good halloween I will write about it in my blog. Madder weighs 8lbs 10oz! 3 weeks ago she was 7lbs 4oz.

leaner said...

Mama's milk does a baby good, huh?

Gwen is not normally what I would call "good" in the car. But she is as long as she is asleep OR Big sis is there to talk to her. She is high maintenence- as in wants all the attention.

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