"Granny" and BRAS!

Granny's in the cellar GEE can't you smell her
cookin' on that darned ole dirty stove!
In her eye there is a matter and its drippin' in the batter
and she whistles as the (SNIFF) runs down her nose!
and she whistles as the (SNIFF) runs down her nose!

You know I love you, mom. I am so grateful for you and your ability to sew. I love that you made those beautiful dresses, taking time out of your busy life to stitch lovingly for your newest family members. I am sure that this is yet another wonderful thing you learned from the matron of our family. What a great family we have!

Ok, today I went to be a bra model for lactation consultants and those who work in maternity shops. I was paid $80 and got a free Medela nursing bra. What a great thing! I went in there totally uncomfortable in the bra I was wearing. I hated it actually. I have had a difficult time getting bras to fit my...um...saggy baggies. the first bra I put on was ok, it didn't fit perfectly in the cup (34D) so I tried a 32DD and WAHLA! It fit wonderfully. It lifted and separated and held those saggy baggies in a place they haven't seen in YEARS! What a difference the right fit makes! I really need to take dacheese bra shopping! It really makes you feel good to have a bra that REALLY fits! And REALLY makes you look good! I think that having a bra that fits was compensation enough, I would have gladly given the $80 back! (In fact its going right back to Medela anyway! I love this bra! I am going to order 2 more at least!) I wish I had found out the right size and comfort, because I spent a bit of money on bras that didn't fit and I can't take any of them back (been wearing them for weeks.) I am just so happy to have 2 boobs again! (Instead of what Will calls my "uniboob" that goes with my unibrow! LOL)


dacheese said...

You are alway talking about boobs! I was so glad that mom knows how to sew, and you do also. I am using scott's sling right now so she can sleep and I can do some homework! Spanks for beign the greatest big sista!

leaner said...

Yup- boobs- its a great topic for conversation.
Sleep- mmm- I wish someone would hold me while I sleep! LOL
I am off to take a nap. I need one, Will was out late last night and I stayed up waiting for him to get home (cuz I worry!) and so I am tired!

Spanks back atcha for being such a great lil sista!

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