Where are you!?

Ok, I am totally missing you all. I go to your blogs every day and its so quite online. I need your blogs I NEED to read about your lives, if only to make mine more complete!

I had my 6 week post partum check up. It was nice to talk to my midwife and her student, and have them ooh and aahh over Gwennie, and her chunka thighs. She is such a butter ball!

I am doing a bra-fitting training seminar tomorrow. I get paid $80 and get a free nursing bra by letting some people from Medela practice measuring my boobs. (HAHA thought I'd get away with not talking about my boobs... but I didn't. They are the center of my universe and they saw the sun a lot today but that is another story!)
How cool to get paid for something so trivial. And a FREE bra? SCORE! How awesome. Maybe they can help me find a bra that is comfortable, because the few I have are SOOO not! I hate them all! Well I don't mind the sleeping ones, but they don't have enough support for day use. I like my breasts to be a bit higher up... how did they get so saggy? I feel like the saggy baggy elephant is living on my chest!

Today I realized I turn 28 in 2 weeks (Happy Anniversary LVH!) Not old, its just "hey my birthday sucks and it has snuck up on me yet again." Last year we celebrated by eating Greek food and having a gin and tonic (which reminded me why I do NOT drink! I only had one and spent the evening hugging the throne. Bleh. It tasted good, but was SO not worth it! You had better know its going to be a LOOOOOOOOONG time before I have any more of that nasty stuff.)
Why does time speed up like this? I mean it was just my birthday... how did it get here again? Already?


TLC said...

LOL! The novelty of blogging has worn off - oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I'm swamped with figuring out how to knit socks (I finished a "mock sock" yesterday) and keeping up with Slade's book club reading. I can't keep up with his devouring of books (like 3 a week!) but I've enjoyed every book he's recommended so far - so I'm hooked! How exciting for you to get paid for being felt up!

leaner said...

I am so happy with the bra I got. It is very comfortable, so being felt up was great! LOL Actually it was't bad- I had to stand around in a room full of nursing mamas and try on a few bras. Then a lady who does that for a living said "yes or no" about the fit. And let me tell you it was QUITE a change!
I ended up with a 32DD instead of a 36C. Weird! But comfortable!

tif-do said...

I was feeling the same way about blogging, because it's the first thing I check every morning. But then I realized I wasn't writing either.

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