Ok, so I am trying to be calm and rest and all that. I know that I need it, and Gwen needs me to rest. Rhayn needs a rested momma- not stressed out no sleep momma like I am right now.

Will's dad is coming to visit TOMORROW. FROM. IDAHO. I've met him ONCE. and he is staying until Saturday, probably- or maybe a few days less as Will's sister also lives in the valley and she has a 3 year old son to visit.

Now, normally this would be ok- but I am still trying to get rest, and get aquainted with my new daughter, and get used to nursing. So its like I really didn't NEED this at all!

I was glad to have my parents here, I didn't feel like I needed to be NICE every moment for them. I don't want the FIL to think I am psycho- but I am really feeling psycho, and depressed too. I just think I need a really good cry, but I don't feel like I will feel better after that.

I just need to keep thinking- I will be ok, I can do this! I had a baby with no drugs, at home, I can do anything.

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TLC said...

That does sound like it could be a stressful situation. As long as he knows and YOU know that are not playing hostess while he is visiting then it should be all good. I hope you will feel able to "check out" whenever you feel the need to go upstairs and rest. I know what you feel - it's not like you are on your death bed or anything but you still have the right to take care of your postpartum-self! Especially if you are feeling a bit depressed. Take care of number one first. You know like that writer on Baby Center (birdy and ben or something) described it - put your oxygen mask on first before you deal with anyone else! {{HUGS}} to you!!

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