One more day almost over

Will's dad is here, and so far its not so bad. I think I am a bit on the depressed side, more like emotional. I have cried a few times today.
I had to take Gwen to her first doctor's appointment today. ALONE. Will took Rhayn to Costco to get milk and stuff. So I was left to take her alone. It was hard- and I am glad its over.
We got there a tiny bit late, and she was fussing and hungry. I was trying to fill out paper work with a babe attached to me, and in an office full of people. She was screaming, and my mobile phone rang...
It was Will, Costco had a coffee pot we had been eyeing for a year, and they had it in silver OR black. He wanted to know what color I would prefer, but Gwen was being called back at that moment. I had to call him back.
We got back to the room, strip baby and weigh and measure her. She lost a little weight, not much though (she is 7 pounds 10 ounces now.) Everything looks good, and all that is left is the newborn screen, the foot jab.
I sat there waiting for that for 45 minutes, I fed her and waited. Another newborn came in, and mom was having trouble getting her latched on. We talked, she had a natural chidbirth at the hospital with a dr that is well known and liked with the doulas and midwives in the valley. Her baby was only 3 days old.
Finally we went in for the foot jab and it was over.

I suddenly realized that my blood sugar was so low I almost passed out on my way to the car. It was a little scary.

Well, I need to go eat again... Sounds like a FUN morning, huh?

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