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Nov 1st---
8:20 am (this is the first time I have been able to sit and write about this.)

I have these feelings, when I see places that make my heart feel at home, I love watching the news and seeing those rolling hills of South Dakota, the majestic Rocky Mountains near the place I lived in Colorado. Driving up I-17 headed North, towards Flagstaff, when you first leave Phoenix, the terrain makes me homesick sometimes, too. I was not born a city girl, so when did I become one? When did I get to the point that I am at now, with my life, when going out for a walk means heading to the local mall? When did I transition into a "soccer-mom?" (Even though I don't yet have the kid in soccer, it won't be long.)

When we go to visit my mom and dad, my dad's backyard is a magical place for Rhayn. She gets there and swings, looks at the fish in the pond, and checks out his flowers and garden. Then Uncle Jesse and Aunt Stacey take him out to feed their horses, so someday she may get to go and visit them on their farm. I really hope that they do get their acrerage, so summers can be spent helping out with farm work, kids really need to get perspective. They need to shovel manure, and bake bread from scratch (and not use a Kitchenaid mixer. Knead that dough by hand it is so rewarding!)

Someone in the family needs to have a farm, they need to have farm cats, so the kids can go out searching for kittens in the spring. They need chickens, so my kids can go gather eggs, and chase the hens around the yard.

Sometimes I wish it could be me, the farmer in the family. I know I would be happier on a farm, happier with that sort of out of town life. To actually see the fruits of my labor, to see land going from nothing to producing. Maybe someday- maybe someday my family can get back to the land, at least we could have a garden.


TLC said...

Very nice! Thanks so much for sharing! I hope Clint gets a chance to listen - he would melt with glee on that subject. Happy to hear your weekend was super!

TLC said...

Very well expressed as it is our laments as well with not living off the land! For now I take comfort in the saying "a house doesn't make a home" Helps me focus on the here and now and gets my head out of the clouds! yeah someday we will have that house or not - either way it will be filled with true love and understanding. I can only hope! Off to the PO!

leaner said...

Thanks- I don't know if Will laments living off the land or not, but I know he was a country boy in his youth and spent time in the mountains. I know he would love to hike more and camp more. We just never get to because we are so busy. Oh well- maybe when we are older...LOL.

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