Best Dad

Yesterday was a great man's birthday. (We won't mention the age.) He is an important part of my life, and I love him so much. I only hope that he knows how vitally important he is to all of us.
He is such a great dad, doing everything he can to help his children. He is the best praypa ever. His grandchildren are the luckiest in the world, just because he is part of their lives.

I know that he loves us, and even without words, I can feel his love.

Dad- I love you.


abeNanna said...

Love that picture. He is a great man, a great husband and I know that he would give anything/do almost anything for all of you.


leaner said...

I know, and I felt SOOO badly because I meant to call him to wish him happy birthday, but we went to the zoo and then shopped around for a rocker/recliner. So when we got home I totally spaced it. I remembered at 9 pm. :(
Oh well, I am sure he didn't want to be reminded that he's nearly- ahem- old.

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