Its raining, whoo hoo. After threatening all day yesterday and today, looking like it would, it finally has! YEAH! Rhayn was outside a little while ago and said it smelled like rain. Ah- rain in the desert, such a comforting smell!

Gwen is being a bit of a fussy pants today. She had her very first bath this morning (her lovely double chin was getting stinky...) so maybe that was what made her so fussy? I wouldn't think so, but something did!

I was looking at last months array of pictures. Those final days of my pregnancy, the hugeness of my belly. It didn't seem that big when I was wearing it! But the pictures really show that I was bigger then I felt! I guess that is really a good thing. I feel a little sad looking at those pictures. I loved pregnancy again, although this time it was wrought with so much more fear than last time. I am very glad to not be pregnant anymore, I am so happy to hold my little Gwen, to nurse her, to rock her, to look at her and get to know her. I love that little bug! But its sad at the same time.

I must admit, that I really not ready to look back at those pictures, or even read my past blog posts. I knew it, so why did I? I was feeling brave I think! I wonder when I will feel better looking at them, I have looked back in my mind. I have pondered that last week or so. What is different about looking at the pictures? What is different about reading my words? I don't know.


lvh said...

LOL - The other evening, our Madison was a little fussy and Jules said to her something like "It's okay Honey. Are you hungry? I can't feed you, Mom's the one with the boob."

Glad you are getting to be a stay at home mom and enjoy your little ones.

leaner said...

Rhayn keeps talking about the boos, too. She has mentioned that she only has nipples, then has to point everyone else's nipples out.

I bet Jules is a GREAT big sister! I know Rhayn is!

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