Your heart just grows and grows!

September is here. I don't want to say finally, because I know that this month is bringing an end to this pregnancy. My baby will soon be done growing inside and feel the need to come out. She will make her entrance when she feels like it, even though there are days that I would really like her to come.

I can not believe how quickly these 9 months have flown by. It seemed to drag before, time, life. It all dragged and it felt like we would never have another child. It felt like Rhayn would forever be this ONLY CHILD- the horror. An only child was something I would not wish on my worst enemies. I know that they can grow up and be "normal, functioning adults." It just seems like cruel and unusual punishment for any and every child. As it is, Rhayn had the priviledge of being the only for 4 and a 1/2 years. She was able to get massive amounts of loving from grandparents and parents. She didn't have to share much of it, even though my brother has 3 kids. (They live in Nevada.) She has been covered- no drenched in love. I know that part won't change, she is just going to have to share attention. How will she handle that? How will my spoiled little bug deal with havign to share her Praypa and Grayma's attention?

Two babies, too. There will be my baby and Bri's. So it won't be just her new sister, since my sister lives with my parents, she will have to vie for their attention when she is there, too.

How has my gramma done it? She has so many grandchildren, yet we all felt loved (Well- none of us as loved as the "Favorite Grandson" Carter...) I guess your heart just grows until you can love everyone. If that is any indication of Christ-like behavior- well maybe My gramma is a Saint! She has more love than she could POSSIBLY know what to do with. Her heart is bigger than there are people, she is love. Maybe that is the best lesson that we can learn from here.

Open up your heart- love like you are never going to love again- and dance.


hairball said...

that is a scary picture. grandma is home by the way, she got back on wednesday. did you know it makes carter feel really terrible when we say he's the favorite? it makes him sad and wishes it would disappear...... tee hee

leaner said...

Hmmmm, didn't know that about Carter. Well I don't tease him about it ever... its more funny than anything. She is the one who always says it. Silly gramma!

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