State of Emergency

There are many opinions on this horrific disaster in the gulf states. This article seems to sum up very accurately what I feel. How can our President have waited so long to help? When the tsunami hit, it seemed like he was on top of that, yet here in our country something catastrophic happens and he is taking pictures with his dad and former President Clinton? How does that help the thousands of people who are stranded without food and water?
Even if those people had a year's supply of food and water (like the LDS church suggests) Well, how could they get to it? Their homes are destroyed, their lives and everything they know- gone.
I feel so much pain, watching the news.
Is this the country, the world I am bringing a child into? I feel sick, because I know its only going to get worse. Gone are the carefree days of youth, now children have to watch out for gangs and guns and drugs.
I am sickened- I think I would gladly take the disease in the 1800s and feel safe talking to my neighbor. I wish we helped eachother- thoughtlessly and selflessly.
Its a sick, sad world, isn't it?

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tif-do said...

It's a very sad situation, I can't imagine everything I had being washed away. It hits so close knowing that it was right here in the United States, and so little was done to help.

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