Still no baby

I know I keep getting my hopes up every night that I will go into labor. I keep thinking that "This is the night." Last night Will and I even tried one of the "tried and true" methods of induction. heh heh. But all it did was give me a few more hours of painful contractions, that went away about midnight.
Today I am going to the midwife to try stripping my membranes. I really want to get this all over with. The anxiety that I feel is becoming overwhelming and I know that once I start in labor I can let go- because I was so there on Tuesday night. I was ready, I felt calm about all of it. I was totally at peace with her birth. Then it didn't happen and once again I was stressed out the next day.

Will doesn't understand this anxiety. He is anxious, in his own way. I know its going to be hard on him, but he will be great.

If the stripped membranes don't work, we will try *gasp!* castor oil next. (PLEASE let this work!!! I do not want diarrhea!) Midwife wanted to know if I wanted to try both at the same time (strip membranes and start castor oil....) I figure I will give the first a try for a while before putting my POOR bottom through that. It still can't be as bad as having to be hooked to a monitor while being fed pitocin, right? I do not like that idea at all.

Rhayn has this doll- her name is Squish Baby.
She is one of those dolls that is like a balloon inside. You can fill her with more or less air (hence the squish.) Its cute, because Rhayn has to sleep with her, she gets her ready to go (even packing a "bye-per bag" for her sometimes.) This is her best friend. She didn't have any loveys as a toddler, Squish Baby came along much later.


TLC said...

I'm sure baby is snug as a bug in there and your not even over due for the movement to be a major issue. My BFF (had to use it) talked about how too much stimulating might stress the baby out and then you will have meconium to deal with at the birth. NOT A GOOD THING!! so if the stripping doesn't work then hold tight because it won't be long before she does come out. I'm still holding to my Oct.6 prediction!

abeNanna said...

Remember when Rhaynnon was born? Must have been ten twelve years ago right? No, it really seems as if it were just a year or so ago. Stress is there, but enjoy every second of the pregnancy, it will be over sooo very soon and then she will be going off to high school.
Don't like tlc's prediction, but que sera sera...
Love you

dacheese said...

It is here... Time for babies... I stilll have at least a week... I meet with the Doctor on Monday and we will see if I am even dialated. YEAH!!!!

leaner said...

I plan on holding out, if this doesn't work. But its so hard. I am worried about her turning again, or something else happening. There is no way that she'll stay in until the 6th! NO WAY! I know I have dilated more- was about 3 and 60- 65% effaced. So everything is going well, and the midwife said she really thinks that we'll have a baby soon (I know she says it hesitantly! As a just in case she's wrong.)
Oh well, its going to be a journey no matter what!

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