OK, I finally was able to talk to the midwife. She says everything looked good, but the baby didn't move during the u/s. So she wanted to know if I have been doing my fetal kick counts. Now I have not been good about doing them, however I do notice when she moves less. Baby was asleep during the u/s.

Midwife wants me to know she thinks everything is good, and that I should remain calm and baby will come when she is ready. However, if I want she will strip my membranes to try to induce labor (tomorrow.) If that doesn't work, we could do a castor oil induction.

Its all up to me. She wants me to feel comfortable with my decision, because it is mine.

I am so afraid and every test I have had has scared me more, no reassurance, because they always find something that is not "perfect." Low fluid level, baby was breech, now this lack of movement --which is silly since I know that she is moving perfectly. I just can't stop worrying that something is wrong. I think I will have her strip my membranes, if I don't start labor tonight. I want to know that baby is ok, and the only way to really feel comfortable with that is by her being born.

I think I will talk to Will about it, and see what he thinks. I want him to feel like he is part of this, and the best way to do that is to talk to him and totally include him in this decision.

So maybe she'll be born soon...

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