Saturday Morning

Its only 10 am, and I have been up since about 4:30. This is mostly due to me giving up and going to bed at 7 last night. I needed to take a nap, it was imperative that I lay down. I stopped functioning at all!
When I woke up at 9 pm, I read Rhayn a story, talked to Will a bit and by 10 was at a point where I couldn't stay awake anymore.
Will must have fallen asleep downstairs, because at 4ish he came upstairs, turned off the hallway light (the one Rhayn needs on, because of her fear of the dark!) and climbed into bed. I rolled into him and snuggled, and watched our cats cuddle into their spots. Beckham, he lives on a pillow above my head. This is nice, except when I have a ponytail, he likes to attack it in the middle of the night. Mean Kitty, she sleeps on his side of the bed or sometimes she will climb between us and purr. Floh, she sleeps with Rhayn on the pillow above her head. Floh is definately Rhayn's protector cat.
A few minutes after Will was fast asleep again, I heard stirring in the other room. Rhayn stumbles into our room, Squish baby in tow. She climbs in bed and tells me its too dark in her room. I snuggle between them- my family. Its an awesome feeling to be surrounded by those that you love , and whom you know love you.
I remained there as long as I could, trying to doze back off, and get a few more hours of sleep. Instead at about 5 I gave up. I was hungry and my tummy grumbling was not helping me rest.
I decided that if I was still awake at 6 I would go for a walk. The sun would just be rising and it would be cool and nice out, it was. It was the best walk I have had in a long time, a leisurely stroll through my neighborhood.
When I came in, I decided to lay down and try to rest a bit more. I dozed until about 8 when Rhayn came downstairs asking for "breck-tast."

All in all it was a very good morning, lets just hope the day continues to be a good one!

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