I am trying to be optimistic- but realistic as well.
Baby feels differently today. I can't say she flipped, maybe she just isn't kicking me the same as she did yesterday.
One end of her is still in my ribs, the same as its been. Everything just feels different, maybe I am going to go into labor and that is why I feel "strange." We'll see. I am going to lay down and take a little nap, then if I still feel "weird" I will call the midwife and talk to her about it.
I am just so afraid that I want her to flip so badly that I can't really feel her the same- like I am jaded or something.
I guess we'll see!

Another weird thing that has been happening lately- and I am sure you all want to know about this (hey I really don't talk about pooping very much do I?) is that I have had diarrhea, like sudden bouts with it. Its awful- and strikes at the worst possible times! (Like in the BACK of Target as far away from the restrooms as possible!) So far I have not had any accidents, but its not fun. I will be feeling fine and Gurgle- I can feel the percolator that is my bowels rumbling. I just want to sit on the toilet all day. But I know that moving around will help a bit. I really don't think my diet has changed much over the past few days... maybe yesterday, because we went out for Indian food, and that can sometimes tear a person up... but other than that? I don't think so!

Maybe my body is preparing itself- cleaning me out. Maybe I ate something bad a few days ago and my body has been ridding me of it. Who knows, I just want that fun phase to end!


tif-do said...

Just wanted to tell you that it's good to see you smiling in the photo below. Theres nothing wrong with looking on the bright side of things, Just think no matter what by October your gonna have a sweet new baby.

leaner said...

Yes, its just turning out so differently than I thought it would... and so differently than Rhayn's was.

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